Living in Dubai,  and after setting a company in my home country, made me realize that women, and especially hard working mothers, have a huge potential, me, as a mother I can tell and surely most of the moms too that it is hard to find a balance between our kids and our other passion, (what we love to do, as entrepreneurs).

Knowing many entrepreneurs and listening to their amazing stories, and after having talked to women interested in joining the entrepreneurial world made me think how could I contribute by helping them to promote their businesses. With my master in mass media and digital communication background and my motivation and excitement about pulling the best of my education, BizMomFinder was born.

I truly believe that if you have the commitment, enthusiasm and believe in yourself, you will definitely reach your goals. My mother is my inspiration, motivation, and example to follow. My goal is to help women entrepreneurs and their local and small enterprises by helping them to increase their clients and to share the message that the audience wants to hear from you.

Fortunately, BizMomFinder has been receiving a good response and I´ve been able to refine my process around how your business can get more exposure and as a result get more clients through BizMomFinder´s services showing our work to your audience and creating demand.

That is the reason why I created BizMomFinder, a platform for women in business where they could be

1.- More exposed

2.- Have more Clients +more Profits

3.- Develope communication strategies according to every business.

4.- Be able to show their work

5.- Support your business with ideas, business information, and effective communication.

I know these results may sound simple, but trust me, they are powerful. 

Thank you for being part of  BizMomFinder, Your women´s business directory, that we all have created.

Dania R.



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