About Awareness for Moms

When I started the series of What Women Want, it was because I felt that there were many women out there with a story waiting to be told, but do not know how. Often I was told “oh guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your page” or “You must start charging […]

Where young minds “INTEGREAT”!

Breathing life into the “What Women Want” series, we have three young, bright women from diverse backgrounds, brought together over one dream. They wanted a meaningful contribution to society and Integreat Center in Dubai is the brainchild of that dream. The center is the first of its kinds special needs center in Dubai that caters to the […]

17 great women’s quotes to start 2017

Being a successful entrepreneur involves mistakes and failures, but the difference between those who give up is that they keep on the game. Here some advice from women around the world that show courage to face their challenges. Nothing better that to start the year with encouragement from these entrepreneurs, mothers, and inspiring women, from […]

Manta&Rebozo is exclusive Mexican embroidery in UAE

  Manta and Rebozo’s designs are exclusively handmade by artisans in Mexico We love Manta&Rebozo Mexican clothing and accessories, their handmade designs are made very detailed, casual, modern, fresh and colorful. The designers combine the Mexican culture with modernism in a range of blouses for a day out. Manta and Rebozo’s collection embrace the bright colors […]