spill the bean breakfast                                           

Where coffee is concerned, all our beans are 100% organic, 100% fair trade.

Every month we showcase coffee from 3 different regions. So for this month, for example, we are serving coffee from Columbia, Peru, and a region in Ethiopia called Harrar. What’s beautiful about single origin coffee is that each region has a flavor profile specific to it, thus allowing coffee lovers to truly savor the different nuances in the aroma and body from region to region. We also always serve our STB signature blend and Swiss water decaffeinated coffee for customers who like their usual drinks served up the same way every time

                     .spill the bean

Our food concept is simple- healthy food that tastes decadent, we have many gluten free, dairy free, low fat, low sugar, low cal items on the menu. We also try to sneak in some super foods, like chia seeds and nuts, into our yummies for some added goodness. Breakfast is our forte.



Our Address:

1st floor, Sunset Mall, Jumeira Road, Jumeira 3 Dubai, UAE

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